How much of one’s self are you truly comfortable with before you lose yourself in someone’s eyes?

You ground yourself in the hope of finding true love. However, love is ever-fleeting. One, you were never taught the true meaning of the word. Love is what we all desire, and with the hope of love, I have found out that everyone’s definitions of the word are as vast as the stars. My experience has shown me there are three types of people, takers, givers, receivers.

About the Author

Lewis, Y. K Founder of Lewis, Y. K Enterprises, Publishing, and Consulting Company, helping others acquire the skills to become their business as a writer, author, and publisher of their works of art. In addition to her children’s book series, she has an adult Poetry series soon to be released, Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry.

Author Lewis Y. K – Takes her readers on a journey through lessons of life in the form of poetry each poem carefully exposes life at its most vulnerable stages, some poems are dark and heavy that would cause you to gasp for air. Through it all you will find yourself rooting to cheer oneself on ,you will find that we may not be able to voice our feelings but Author Lewis Y.K. found her voice through the pages of poetry a voice that can be spoken with tempo release and pose please do not try to read as a novel but more like a devotion this poem speaks volume, this is the only In it’s first edition and more to come.


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What People Says

Silent OnePoem: Acceptance part 2
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Excellent two part poem...Great story telling
Piping StartPoem: Acceptance part 2
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"yeah ... accepting death ... breathe death alive ... yeah ... all that ... sucking it up ... tainted buttercups ... ahh ... ahh ... ahh ... blue ..."
Gayle RoddPoem: Acceptance part 2
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This poem left me curious. Could it be about accepting things that we have no control over, not fighting it any longer?? I'm wondering if I"m even close?
Pailey GordonPoem: Typed Out
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Love this a lot Great meaning
Adeyemi JoshuaPoem: I Am
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Tis is a worthy free verse....Kudos!
Adeyemi JoshuaPoem: Broken Vows
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Nice one!.....Thanks for commenting on my 'Feel writing'
Adeyemi JoshuaPoem: She
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This poem aroses emotions, Love this!
Jason JenkinsPoem: She
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Love your adjectives but your word placement was lacking couldn't get a rhythm cause you kept switching the beat
Funom MakamaPoem: Just One
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What a great poem. Welcome to poetry soup
Sara KendrickPoem: Carousel
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Interesting thoughts penned..I enjoyed reading your work..Sara
Darren WhitePoem: Exchange
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Inspirational poem you have written, powerful words 🙂
Julie Leigh RodeheaverPoem: Exchange
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This is a beautiful message you have written here. Your giving up the bad things for the good. I truly enjoyed the read! 🙂
Julie Leigh RodeheaverPoem: Just One
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This almost made me cry at the end when you remembered they were dead. I could feel the feelings of loss in these words. I truly enjoyed the read!
Darren WhitePoem: She
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Wow, this is wonderful, absolute and great! You have a great way with words, and I adore the final three lines. Welcome to PoetrySoup"