About The Author

Lewis, Y. K Founder of Lewis, Y. K Enterprises, Publishing, and Consulting Company, helping others acquire the skills to become their business as a writer, authors, and publishers of their works of art. In addition to her children’s book series, she has an adult Poetry series soon to be released, Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry.

She is an author who lives on both sides of the street of her imagination. Her inspiring stories are taken from the joys and woes of motherhood and their life lessons, which she takes in stride while being firm, gentle, and consistent in her approach to life.

She is enthusiastically low-key. She sees the generosity of others and loves to play in the dirt! With her love of animals, she raises quail to add to her self-sufficient lifestyle. She is known for being a dog lover of Rottweilers, whom a stray cat then adopted. She and her family affectionately named Cat, who has enriched her life with the new arrivals of kittens to whom she was a cat midwife too!

Everyday life is her inspiration for writing beautifully crafted stories of family and the world around her. She hopes that each reader sees themselves as they experience the life adventures of Eryn Lee.