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Meet Lewis Y.K, the Founder of Lewis Y.K Enterprises, a multifaceted company specializing in publishing and consulting. Through her ventures, Lewis Y.K. assists aspiring writers, authors, and publishers in honing their skills and realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. With an upcoming adult Poetry series titled “Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry,” alongside her beloved children’s book series, Lewis, Y. K showcases her creative prowess and passion for storytelling.

Living at the intersection of reality and imagination, Lewis Y.K. is an author who masterfully weaves together inspiring narratives derived from the triumphs and challenges of motherhood. Her stories serve as a wellspring of wisdom, characterized by a firm yet gentle approach to life’s teachings.

Unassuming yet exuberantly spirited, Lewis Y.K. finds joy in simple pleasures. She embraces the kindness and benevolence of others while relishing in the delight of getting her hands dirty. Her love for animals shines through as she raises quail, fostering a self-sufficient lifestyle. Renowned for her affection towards Rottweilers, she unexpectedly found herself adopted by a stray cat. Endearingly named Cat, this feline companion has enriched Lewis Y.K.’s life with the arrival of kittens, for which she acted as a compassionate cat midwife.

Everyday life serves as a wellspring of inspiration for Lewis Y.K.’s beautifully crafted stories that center around family and the world at large. Through her writing, she hopes readers will embark on an adventure that mirrors their experiences as they journey alongside the captivating Eryn Lee.