Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry-Spring Vol. 1- FOREST ROAD COVER

Book Cover of Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry Forest Road

“Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry” is a profound and heartfelt collection of poems born from a journey of escape and self-discovery. In the face of an unfair and painful reality, a crossroads where life and death were the choices placed before me. Through the depths of despair, a conscious decision to embrace life, a decision that would ultimately lead me to true happiness amidst the torment.

I explored themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of choice through a poetic lens. The poems delve into the complexities of abuse, the struggle of being seen and unseen, and the journey toward healing and self-worth.

“Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry” offers an intimate and empowering glimpse into my soul as I navigate life’s challenges and find strength, hope, and wisdom in the written word. This book is a source of inspiration and solace, inviting readers to reflect on their paths, find the courage to embrace life’s challenges, and discover the beauty of self-discovery.

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