Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry-Spring Vol. 1- FOREST ROAD COVER

How much of one’s self are you truly comfortable with before you lose yourself in someone’s eyes?

You ground yourself in the hope of finding true love. However, love is ever-fleeting. One, you were never taught the true meaning of the word. Love is what we all desire, and with the hope of love, I have found out that everyone’s definitions of the word are as vast as the stars. My experience has shown me there are three types of people, takers, givers, receivers.

Some lessons of life take many forms. Some good but mostly bad. It comes down to how you receive these lessons. I learned to welcome them all with the mindset of “IT is for my good.” Knowing and learning to have an overstanding that I don’t have to be understanding of it all.  Some Lessons of Life Through Poetry speaks to how I overcame life challenges of abuse, sexual addiction, and self-hatred, and this process removed the self-life-ending events by placing a pen in my hand and my hand to paper. This is my surrender to the Higher power of my creation. Some lessons of life take many forms, but I chose to put them into poetry.

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ISBN: 978-950986-02-6

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