Embracing Inclusivity: “All These Hands” Empowering Children in Special Education Settings

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Photo for All These Hands

As parents and educators, our dedication to providing the best resources for children with learning disabilities is unwavering. In the realm of special education and self-contained classroom programs, finding engaging and effective tools is crucial. An article by Cerebral Palsy Guide Special Education shares valuable insights into the “4 general types of education available to children with disabilities”. Enter “All These Hands | A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee,” a heartwarming children’s book by Lewis Y. K that has emerged as a powerful and inclusive resource. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this captivating book, along with the enchanting Good Morning and Pottytime Song, can enhance the learning journeys of children with learning disabilities.

A Journey of Inclusivity:

“All These Hands” celebrates the beauty of diverse families and communities, making it an excellent resource for children in special education settings. Embracing the words of Unicef, “Every child has the right to live in an inclusive world,” this book empowers children to embrace their unique abilities and feel valued in their learning environment by portraying loving family dynamics.

The Power of Songs:

Incorporating the Good Morning Song and Pottytime Song adds an enchanting layer to the reading experience. The Good Morning Song sets a positive tone for the day, fostering a welcoming environment where children can feel engaged and enthusiastic about learning. However, the Pottytime Song stands out as a unique and innovative tool.

The Pottytime Song: A Bridge of Awareness:

We understand the significance of helping children associate specific cues with certain actions. The Pottytime Song, introduced in “All These Hands,” is an ingenious indicator for children to alert parents or educators when they need to use the bathroom. By incorporating this song into daily routines, children can effectively communicate their needs, enhancing their independence and reducing anxiety around potty training.

🎡 Listen to the enchanting “Pottytime Song” ➑️ Link

🎢 Encourage parents and caregivers to become familiar with the song to reinforce this indicator that it’s time to go to the potty. The catchy tune will make potty time enjoyable and create a positive and supportive environment for children’s self-care skills.Β 

🎢 Add it to your classroom or organization’s streaming services playlist and make potty time fun and engaging for the children!Β 

Fostering Emotional Understanding:

Through Eryn Lee’s perspective, children can connect with her emotions and experiences, building emotional intelligence and empathy. “All These Hands” becomes a platform for parents and educators to initiate conversations about feelings, helping children develop a deeper understanding of their own emotions and those of others.

Inclusive Play and Teamwork:

“All These Hands” beautifully depicts inclusive play among siblings and family members. Educators in self-contained classroom programs can harness this aspect to encourage student teamwork and cooperation. The book paves the way for a harmonious learning environment by fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork.


“All These Hands | A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee” by Lewis Y. K is a remarkable resource beyond conventional children’s books. With its inclusive storytelling, incorporation of interactive songs, and innovative use of the Pottytime Song, this book offers endless possibilities for parents and educators alike. By creating meaningful connections through literature and music, children with learning disabilities can thrive in special education and self-contained classroom programs.

Let’s embrace the power of “All These Hands” to create enriched learning journeys that foster independence, empathy, and a lifelong love for learning in all our children. Together, we can create a nurturing environment that celebrates each child’s unique abilities, empowering them to reach their full potential.

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