All These Hands | A Day in the life of Eryn Lee

All These Hands Book Title

In this beautifully crafted illustrated children’s book, All These Hands shares a snapshot of a full day in the life of Eryn Lee, from her morning song to her nighttime rituals. This heartwarming and stunning story explores the importance of family relationships. The book showcases each family member’s diverse roles in contributing to a supportive and loving household through vibrant and engaging illustrations.

Children will learn to appreciate the value of teamwork, communication, and compassion as they see how each family member’s contributions help create a happy and harmonious home environment. The book also emphasizes mutual respect, understanding, and gratitude in fostering deep family connections.

Eryn Lee shows it is never too early to start with good bathroom etiquette as she learns her Pottytime song!

The Pottytime Song has over 700,000 streams and is available on all streaming services. An official Pottytime music video is coming soon. This song is perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy and takes the anxiety away with this fun song!

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Hardcover : 11″ x 8.5″ 
Page count: 36
Interior Color: PREMIUM COLOR
Paper type: 80# Coated white
Binding type: Casewrap
Cover Finish: MATTE

Made using the highest quality inks and paper

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💥👉🏻 The way Eryn tells her daily routine, she sounds very cute, the best part was the potty rhyme. The book comes with Beautiful illustrations and those cannot be told here in the Review, don’t waste your time go and read thr book.

💥👉🏻 The book cover and the illustrations both are superb. There are no cons about the book. I have a small child in our family , my niece , her daily routine is same as mentioned by the author in the book.

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🍁🔘 The book is a basically a itinerary or a snap of a day in the life of Eryn Lee. She is just born and recognizes her family by hand touch.

🍁🔘 We all know babies have limited eyesight and can see only closer things, rest of the things are blurry for them.

🍁🔘 This book will show and teach how a child sees the world through his limited eye vision by the voice and hands of his family members.

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"The Good Morning Song" Sherpa Blankets (Infant Sizes)

This blanket scene is taken from the book, All These Hands | A Day oin the life of Eryn Lee©. This scene reinforces the song’s bond between parent and child and establishes how the rest of the day will be!

This is 100% polyester blanket measures 30×40 in. It has a 1/4 in. finished edge. This luxurious blanket has a soft sherpa backing.

Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat.

"The Good Morning Song Mug"

Girl with Good Morning Song Mug from the book All These Hands | A Day in the Life of Eryn Lee

Add a bit of brightness to the morning routine with, The Good Morning Song Mug, taken from the beautifully crafted children’s book, All These Hands | A Day in the life of Eryn Lee. Add one or maybe two to your collection from the book!